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Pegasus By Emile Louis Picault


by Emile Louis Picault

circa 1981

Originally cast in 1888 by Salon de Beaux Arts in France, this was recast from the original mold by J.B. Hirsch Company. Perseus taming the pegasus.

Technically, this is not bronze, but nearly pure zinc (high quality spelter, not a pot metal spelter).

The Triumph of Atlas

by Stuart Mark Feldman


One of the 12 Titans of mythology, Atlas lost his argument with the gods and was doomed to go to the edge of the world (which is why the Atlantic Ocean is named after him) and to support the heavens on his shoulders. Created for the Franklin Mint.

Bronze and European crystal.

The Triumph of Atlas By Stuart Mark Feldman

LíElan By L. Bossist


by L. Bossist

circa 1990?

Libellule (Liberty?) inscribed in the base, along with the artistís signature.

Diana Goddess of the Hunt

by Pierre LeFaguays

circa 1985

Said to have been cast in a famous Parisian foundry. Very well done.

Diana Goddess of the Hunt By Pierre LeFaguays

Horse Head By Phillips

Horse Head

by Phillips

circa 1990

Well styled bronze horsehead, purchased at an estate auction.

Trojan Horse

by Unknown

circa 1985

Very Greek or Roman in styling, eh?

Trojan Horse By Unknown

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