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John Wayne By Nicholas Volpe

John Wayne

by Nicholas Volpa

circa 1940?

What a fabulous piece of Americana. Besides being a great painting of John Wayne in his prime, this was the actual painting that hung in the Brown Derby Restaurant in Hollywood for many, many years. The Brown Derby, Hollywood’s famous restaurant of the stars, had art of many stars on its walls, but this is one of the most important. Purchased at a Howard Lowery Auction in Burbank, California in 1994.

Charcoal and conte crayon on paper; original art.


by H.G. Tuttle


A gift for Michele’s office, as she used to raise horses. I wonder if this was the artist’s daughter or granddaughter.

Graphite or charcoal; original art.

Companions By H.G. Tuttle

Lancelot By P. Classen


by P. Classen

circa 1910

One of Arthur’s knights and his horse. The painting is a bit dark, but what a great and classical scene.

Oil on canvas; original art..

Party Girl

by Murill Burdon

circa 1920

An intriguing piece that makes you wonder what is happening here. The look is similar to the faces painted by Rolf Armstrong in the 1930s. I really don’t know much about this artist or piece.

Pastels; original art.

Party Girl By Murill Burdon

Posies By Howard


by Howard

circa 1960?

Believe it or not, something about the vase caught my attention with this painting.

Oil; original art.


by M. A. Anderman


This is a very large painting, about 5’ 8” tall. It appears to be one of the nine muses, of which Calliope was one. It is a very large painting, with a wide velvet border, made to hang that way. The most fascinating thing about this painting was that in 1884, it hung in the Tabor Opera House in Leadville, Colorado, when Leadville was a “sophisticated” mining boom town. We have framed it in a beautiful frame to help preserve it. A beautiful piece to hang in our stairwell entryway.

Oil on linen canvas; original art.

Calliope By M. A. Anderman

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