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Sleeping Beauty By Unknown

Sleeping Beauty

by Unknown


One of Michele’s favorites. This painting was specially ordered (commissioned) by Walt Disney for use by the William Ellis Co. (London) in conjunction with Disney’s initial release of the now-classic movie. The painting was created to be used for a jigsaw puzzle. We have never found one of the puzzles....please let us know if you find one. Purchased at auction at Christies in London.

Watercolor on board; original art.

Dapple Grey

by Lela Dowling

circa 1987

Specially commissioned (ordered) from the artist. The direction I gave to the artist was to paint something with a pegasus, a princess and a castle. The Northern California artist, at the time, had several of her own small art books and limited edition prints released.

Watercolor; original art.

Dapple Grey By Lela Dowling

The Crossing By Ray Williams

The Crossing

by Ray Williams

circa 1983

Ray is a San Francisco artist whom I have never met. I wonder what he painted this for. Michele doesn’t like this piece, but I have had it longer than I have had her, so whatcha going to do? Purchased in 1984 at the WorldCon science fiction convention.

Acrylic; original art.

The Stone and the Maiden

by Greg & Tim Hildebrandt
(The Hildebrandt Brothers)


This is one of our favorite pieces. Never did we dream that we would own a painting by the Hildebrandts—we have many of their illustrated books (Wizard of Oz, Davy and the Goblin, Tales of Edgar Allen Poe, etc.) that we shared with Colin as he grew up. I think they illustrated 14 classic books for Unicorn Press. They are most famous, I think, for their Lord of the Rings illustrations and calendars. This was the cover of a 1999 hardcover book, The Stone and the Maiden by Dennis Jones. Yet its romantic appeal seems timeless to us.

Acrylic on board; original art.

The Stone & the Maiden By Greg & Tim Hildebrandt The Stone & the Maiden By Dennis Jones

Enchantress of the Sea By Julie Day

Enchantress of the Sea

by Julie Day


I don’t usually like impressionistic art, but I made an exception here. Artist resides in Idaho.

Watercolor on board; original art.

Mobil Pegasus

by C.D. “Red Horse” McEntire


“Red Horse” (1912-1996) was the first full time artist for Mobil Oil. In the 1930s, he traveled the country, handpainting the pegasus logo on buildings, signs and trucks until mass production allowed other methods. This piece was specially commissioned for a Mobil retiree.

Oil on board; original art.

Mobil Pegasus By C.D. “Red Horse” McEntire

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