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Romance By Judy Ritchie Cooper


by Ritchie Cooper

circa 1930?

Ritchie was a female illustrator whose work is rarely seen available on the market. She did numerous illustrations that were used in the Saturday Evening Post Magazine, where this piece was probably published. Obviously, she was an illustrator of great talent. This very large work evokes another time and perhaps another social class. This was given to our very good friends Mike and Torrie Brown.

Charcoal on board; original art.

Campbellís Soup Kids

by Unknown

circa 1978

This image was used on note cards produced by the Norcross Card Co. (later bankrupt) in 1978-79. The characters, of course, were made famous in Campbellsí Soup ads. This was a gift to Micheleís sister, Chris Sansom.

Original art.

Campbellís Soup Kids By Unknown

To the Front By W. Peumley

To the Front

by W. Peumley


A U.S. destroyer and two planes, probably published as an illustration. Given to good buddy, Mark Prochaska. A very deco presentation.

Watercolor on board; original art.

Striderís Poem

by Chris Hutson

circa 1980

The Keybearer Project! Very early in the collection, in about 1980, I commissioned an Ohio artist to do 16 copies of Striderís Poem (my favorite poem) from J.R.R. Tolkienís ďLord of the Rings.Ē The poem has gotten me through many hard times. Each piece required art, calligraphy and parchment and each was to be individual and different from all the others. This was rather a vast project. It took 4 years to get all the pieces, which I then had custom framed. I have presented them over the years to some of my very closest and most trusted friends...friends of a lifetime. We kept the green one below. Colin got the blue one to the left. The others have all been disbursed. I hope they are all appreciated!

Original art.

Striderís Poem By Chris Hutson Striderís Poem By Chris Hutson 
Striderís Poem By Chris Hutson

Boaters on a River By C.D. Morris

Boaters on a River

by C.D. Morris

circa 1900

Actually, we did not give this piece away as a gift. Though we rarely divest ourselves of artwork, in this case I traded this painting for a castle painting shown earlier. A very nice piece, but it was relatively small and needed excessive lighting to show well.

Oil on canvas; original art.

The Church in the Valley

by MP

circa 1970?

A somewhat impressionistic country scene. Very colorful. We donated this to a Damien High School fund raising auction, where it sold for much less than we paid for the painting (sigh).

Oil on board; original art.

The Church in the Valley By MP

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