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Clark Deco

Over the years, we have collected many things, a conglomeration of cool, deco, art and miscellaneous.  Trying to describe this direction is impossible, so we just say that it is an eclectic gathering, fitting nothing in particular - Clark Deco.

Collecting art, however, has been the journey closest to our hearts.  When (much) younger, I started collecting pegasus (pegasi), believing them to be fabulously beautiful, noble and honorable creatures.  But I also liked castles and have always been deep into science fiction and fantasy books.  Eventually, I decided that this was really a fantasy collection.  But what is fantasy?  Obviously, art for the cover of a fantasy book cover is, but what about a castle scene in a 19th century British landscape?  Or a sword wielding babe, pinup or fantasy?  And what about Superman.  I donít know if he fits into fantasy, but he is certainly cool.  So, in a way, our collection now explores several corners of fantasy.  In the galleries following, you may feel a piece is placed into the wrong galleryÖ.donít worry about it.  Some could have fallen into several different galleries.  I decided not to sweat it.  The most important thing is that they are here.

So, when I put together our book of the art collection, which then became this webpage, I went through the house and inventoried anything that was art. Therefore, in the following pages, you will see some very amateurish art and some masterpieces. Some are very inexpensive and some are worth quite a bit. But it is all here - who knew that Michele and I both made plaster casts of our handprints in the first grade?

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