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Heavenly Vision By S. Vorkapitch

Heavenly Vision

by S. Vorkapitch


I suppose this to be Russian or East European in origin. I have no knowledge of the artist, but this piece is absolutely amazing. I would love to find more art by this master.

Graphite; original art.


by Daryl Elliott

circa 1998

I grabbed this because it seemed very elegant and very well done. Notice the detail of her hair.

Graphite; original art.

Moodlighting By Daryl Elliott

French Stockings By Rolf Armstrongwn

French Stockings

by Rolf Armstrong

circa 1911

This extremely famous pinup/calendar artist (1890-1960) pre-dated Petty and Vargas. He became well-known for glamorous and colorful face close-ups. This piece is one of his very early works, clearly influenced by even earlier postcard artist, Raphael Kirchner. This is the earliest Armstrong I have seen. Believed to be his earliest known pinup!

Watercolor; original art.

Tresses and Lingerie

by Ivan Reis


A lingerie model, published by SQP in one of their art books (not sure which one). This is a very pretty piece. The picture canít show the level of detail, as it is a relatively light pencil drawing.

Graphite on board; original art.

Tresses and Lingerie By Ivan Reis

A Far Better View By Olivia [De Berardinis]

A Far Better View

by Olivia [De Berardinis]

circa 1985

Olivia has become extremely famous and her work extremely expensive, with numerous appearances in Playboy, calendars, books, etc. We bought this at a chance appearance at an estate auction. Fabulously detailed, with an additional remarque portrait at the bottom. Very unusually signed "Love, Olivia."

White pastel on black; original art.


by Carlos Cartagena


Carlos is one of the better of the current generation of pinup artists. His work has appeared in Playboy and Penthouse and limited edition prints have been made of several of his works. I believe this to be his best piece, and that is largely attributable to the great and detailed work on the leopard. Of course, the main subject also looks just wild enough, herself. Model was Corrie Nadin (or Nading). Featured in the German Art Fantastix #7 (2002) Cartagena/Gallimore (page 29).

Original art.

Untamed By Carlos Cartagena

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