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The Chicago By Robert J. Daniels

The Chicago

by Robert J. Daniels


A simple but very appealing design. To me, it seemed very elegantů.to another, it might look like a flying eggshell.

Original art.

Space 1

by Arturo Martinez


Sometimes called trashcan art, this artist creates art while you wait on the sidewalk, using paint spray cans, lids and other common items. We have seen this artist at several locations, although these were bought in Oxnard, CA.

Original art.

Space 1 By Arturo Martinez

Space 2 By Arturo Martinez

Space 2

by Arturo Martinez


Also trashcan art. My request was simply that he make two of his medium sized pieces with only planets (his strong point) in space.

Original art.

A Wilderness of Stars

by Robert Foster


This is a large and interesting painting. The painting is supposed to reflect both the rewards and the risks of space travel and was used as the cover to a paperback anthology of science fiction stories (A Wilderness of Stars - 1969). Remember, we were just getting to the moon at this time. No one knew yet even if it was made of green cheese.

Oil on board; original art.

A Wilderness of Stars By Robert Foster A Wilderness of Stars By William F. Nolan

In Her Shoes By Vincent DiFate

In Her Shoes

by Vincent DiFate

circa 1970

Vincent is a long-time classic sci-fi illustrator. This is an incredibly detailed ink illustration used for the story In Her Shoes within Weird Tales Magazine.

Ink on board; original art.

Toward the Future

by Boris Vallejo

circa 1980

Starlog Magazine commissioned this painting from Boris to hang in their offices. It is of Boris, himself, and his wife at the time, Doris. Starlog issued a limited series of 500 lithographs, of which this is one. I then had the litho decoupaged. Rare image which I have never seen elsewhere published.

Decoupaged lithograph.

Toward the Future By Boris Vallejo

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